Jalagandeshwarar Temple, Vellore

Around Vellore, there is another spot to visit is the Fort and the associated Places. One such nice place is the Jalagandeshwarar Temple (The history of the temple can be read at the temple itself).
Though we visited the temple lot of times in vellore, we visited the temple to get the blessings of eashwar on New Year Day.
Usually there wont be much crowd in the temple, during pradosham there will be crowd. But being a New Year day, there was huge crowd to get the blessings.

And even there were lot of adhoc shops opened due to this occasion. From our place to Temple, it is nearly 6kms.

But if you are coming from southern states to Vellore, you can drop down at Old Bus Stand itself (just opposite to the old bus stand, the Fort and temple is available). Apart from jalagandeshwarar, there are Murugan, Vinayakar (ganesh), Perumal, etc.

Being a New Year day, the Nadaswaram is performed for 24 hours continuously from 7AM to 6AM next morning. Associated with the temple, you can spend sometime in the park, go for a horse Ride, and can have a nice walk to see the museum inside the Fort. Apart from these facililites, outside the fort, you can enjoy a 45 minutes boating for Rs.30(INR).

For Vellorians, this place is considered to be the cheap and best place and picnic spot usually in the evenings.

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