Kota – A Education City

Kota is the magic city for most of the IIT Aspirants who takes coaching at Kota and every year atleast 1000 students are admitted to IITs from the City Kota….

  • Kota is famous for coaching centers
  • More than 95% are vegetarians, (We didnt see any hotel with Non Veg)
  • Not even a single Government Bus plying around the city
  • Only Autos (Maximum capacity is 10 only) but carries more than 20, sometimes 25.
  • Any part of the city you can travel by Auto or taxi
  • Famous clothing is kota silk sarees
  • Most of the schools are CBSE board Schools
Students coming for Coaching to kota has to get admission to both +1 and as well a good coaching center and they need to stay on their own…..
Most of the houses in kota carries the board infront of the gate as “To let for Girls” or “To let for Boys”.
A small room is divided into 2 ro 3 sub rooms with one A/C fitted in the room and charging on an average of Rs. 2500 to 6000/month for each student…..

Chambal river is another important place to see in kota… Some of the beautifacts of Kota is displayed here and just have a look at it……

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