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I am running this website(blog) for the past 18 months (right from June 2008). This blog caters the information about the courses that I am handling (course Notes) as well as other information related to Network Simulation, Open source Technologies, embedded real time systems, Linux, etc.

I have regular visitors for my website usually my students (during initial days) , but now peoples from nearly 97 countries visited my blog and I am responding to their comments also…. thanks for all those. Keep visiting..


Here is the statistics about list of visitors and pageviews for my website (blog). Source: Google Analytics


From 2008 to 2009, My website hits improved a lot and expecting in future also.

Keep visiting my site and give your valuable suggestions!!!!


How to install Omnet++ in Ubuntu 9.04

  1. Unzip the file in to any folder possibly (/home/pradeepkumar/)
  2. Open the shell prompt and then go to the corresponding folder by issuing the command cd /home/pradeepkumar/omnetpp-4.0
  3. Run the command (./configure)
  4. If you get any errors, please download the concerned files and again go to step 3.
  5. You may get errors like this and execute the command (sudo apt-get install bison flex byacc swig build-essential tcl8.5 tk8.5 tcl8.5-dev tk8.5-dev) after installing all the packages, go to step 3
  6. If path information is being asked, then set the path in the /home/pradeepkumar/.bashrc (export PATH=$PATH:/home/pradeepkumar/omnetpp-4.0/bin)
  7. Add the following line to your .profile or .bash_profile (provided you use bash): export TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/share/tcltk/tcl8.5
  8. After that logout and login and then go to step 2 and then 3.
  9. Execute make command and thats it!!!!
  10. After installing this, for running the IDE, you need to install java run time environment.

Drupal in Yahoo Small Business Hosting – Issues

While installing Drupal under Yahoo Small Business, there are some issues

  1. “Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists.” This issue can be solved by changing the email id in the “site configuration” option under Drupal, Please visit the following link to solve this problem,
  2. The next issue is the .htaccess which is not allowed by the yahoo host. The Simple solution is don’t upload .htaccess to the ftp. The .htaccess is responsible for error pages, etc. yahoo provides those things internally, so use yahoo services that has been provided in the hosting.