My Webpage Hits

I am running this website(blog) for the past 18 months (right from June 2008). This blog caters the information about the courses that I am handling (course Notes) as well as other information related to Network Simulation, Open source Technologies, embedded real time systems, Linux, etc.

I have regular visitors for my website usually my students (during initial days) , but now peoples from nearly 97 countries visited my blog and I am responding to their comments also…. thanks for all those. Keep visiting..


Here is the statistics about list of visitors and pageviews for my website (blog). Source: Google Analytics


From 2008 to 2009, My website hits improved a lot and expecting in future also.

Keep visiting my site and give your valuable suggestions!!!!


Desktop Blogging Clients for Free

If you feel bored by going to a website by logging in by username and password everytime you like to post something, here there are some solutions.

Inside Firefox



Inside Windows

  1. Windows live Writer
  2. Thingamablog
  3. zoundryraven
Inside Linux
  1. Bleezer(Supports MAC, Linux and Windows)
  2. BlogTK
  3. Drivel Blog Editor
  4. Gnome Blog